Get The Popcorn Ready – Wellness Warriors, You Don’t Want to Miss This!

5 Diet Types for Every Body graphic

I am so excited to say that there is a really great opportunity to hear from amazing leaders in the Nutrition & Wellness Industry along with hearing from a celebrity like Venus Williams. The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, is allowing those who aren’t students who want to TAKE A PEEK or JUST LISTEN IN FOR FUN join us for the Live Conference this weekend.

Here is where you can register! It’s FREE –  So why not? You’ll learn some valuable information and you can feel free to share this link with others you think might be interested along with email me with any questions

Have you ever realized that you don’t eat the same as you did 10 years ago, or that you eat differently from your husband or partner or maybe even sister, brother or parents. We each have our own bio-individuality! 

We truly eat based our own unique needs, lifestyle and climate! You do not eat the same when you live in Hawaii as compared to Alaska right? Same goes for Texas vs. New York! 

If you are getting tired of your current diet give one of these 5 Diet Types for Every Body a try for a few days and share with me what you learned.

I’d love to hear some of your experiences with how your diet has changed and what you’ve learned about Nutrition over the past few years. Embrace your unique body, its needs and be thankful that it works so seemingly well and believe it or not – we don’t even have to ask it digest or food, or take in oxygen and such. Our body is amazing! Your body is amazing and unique!

Check out just these couple of suggestions above for 5 diet types that might work for you! And tell me about it!

Join us for just a few short hours on Saturday and ditch the overwhelm from all the tons of Wellness Info on the Internet and go right to the best source available. Join us Live, register here. It’s free and there are no obligations.


Here’s the Scoop!

What: Exclusive access to select sessions of Integrative Nutrition’s upcoming invitation-only conference

When: Saturday, November 8, 2014, 10am – 4pm EST Time Zone Converter.

Where: Your computer or mobile device – all you need is internet access!

Who should attend: Anyone who’s passionate about health and wellness and wants to experience the amazing energy of Integrative Nutrition’s live events.


Who’s Speaking?

Venus Williams – U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist

Williams Davis, MD – of Wheat Belly

Joshua Rosenthal, MSced – Author of Integrative Nutrition & Founder of IIN



Stay up-to-date with our programs and get amazing recipes & support here:

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Cheers to Your Vabulous Life!








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