What is a Health Coach? – Freebie For You!

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Moving to a new city I have had the opportunity to meet lots of new people and keep getting asked, What is a Health Coach? So I wanted to write this quick blog post to share about what we do!

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches approach time with their clients in a very holistic way – helping each person go after their goals and dreams with the support they were lacking before or maybe were always looking for. Often doctors don’t have the time to spend 15 or even 45 minutes with you on a regular basis going over how to reach the goals they set before you. and that can be overwhelming, for sure! Whether your goal could have been to lose weight, transition into the job of your dreams and maybe to learn to be a better cook at home, all of these are things that a Health Coach can help with.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I studied 100+ dietary theories and Ā learned from world-reknowned teachers, doctors, authors and wellness professionals. I began to learn holistic nutrition in a way I never could have learned on my own.

Because of system toxicity, adrenal fatigue and chronic migraines.. not to mention food sensitivities I knew I had to look into something different than the 9-5 because I needed time to better take care of myself and allow time to heal! I learned how to take time for myself, how to cook healing foods, how to watch for the bells & whistles that go off in the body when things just aren’t right!

I loved my time at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am so grateful that I decided to attend. Not only have I not had a migraine for 2 years and 3 months but I have gotten a better handle on my health and am happy as I can be because I finally am doing what I love!!!

Now I get to encourage and empower others to go after their dreams and life their lives with passion all while staying fit, healthy and happy! I also LOVE working with Performing Artists to gain their Performer’s Edge so they can be a step above the rest and turn their career into a lifestyle they love and enjoy every moment because they are fit, healthy, happy and have the tools to continue to do so after our program. Visit my website to learn more: www.elizabethmcdow.com.

Learn more about the Role of Health Coaches in this VideoĀ with Dr. Frank Lipman.

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