Awareness – That’s the Secret!

IIN Journal_vablife

Do you ever have those days that you are so overwhelmed with everything you are not doing well and that you feel like just giving up? I get lost in days like that sometimes too. It’s the truth! Really, me – a health coach – I have hard days too.

This morning I bounced out of bed excited to begin my day then I remembered how many things I need to do – especially with our soon growing family.

(P.S. We are expecting a precious little Pumpkin in October! More on that soon. )

Wow – what a way to beat a good attitude into the ground when you get caught up in the grind of life. So I grabbed my Institute of Integrative Nutrition Journal and evaluated my mindset, goals and how I would accomplish them. Journaling daily is my accountability partner! Grab your own copy of the journal here.

Journaling makes a world of a difference for me. I learned that it helps me stay aware of my thoughts and my feelings. I resisted it for so many years. Then I finally worked with my own coach who helped me implement that skill little by little daily and WOW – what a difference it has made in my life. Not only does it get out the junk but a weight is lifted and by the end of my journaling I have encouraged myself and come up with solutions. Just a few minutes of journaling gives me a breakthrough to AWARENESS!

I begin to realize that since I am  now aware of these things – whatever ails my heart – that things truly are not falling apart but they are falling together! The old falls aways and the new is born! What hasn’t worked in the past will cease to exist and new ideas, projects and opportunities will present themselves.

It’s beautiful! An organic unfolding that I resisted way too long.

So when you find yourself overwhelmed – ask yourself – Why am I overwhelmed? What’s holding me back from Vitality, Abundance and Balance? What is one step to get myself on track? – Try the beautiful Institute for Integrative Nutrition Journal here to get a jumpstart on a healthy, happy and balance day! I love to help people just like you feel lightweight and happy when they get out of bed in the morning, ready to conquer the day. Journaling gave me hope that my creativity would no longer overwhelm me but be able to be focused and used for something great! I hope journaling will do the same for you as you begin to walk more in your own unique path and be 100% you!

The key to being Happy is to Just Be You! Everyone Else is Already Taken!

(Check out this gorgeous 2016 Calendar I saw the other day.) You can check it out here.

be yourself_vablife

Awareness – the first step to producing change – whether in mindset or action.

“Simply being more aware of imbalance is the first step to becoming more balanced.” Paul Pitchford, MS.

Vitality, Abundance and Balance – that’s what it’s all about. Create Your Vabulous Life Today by contacting me for your Discovery Session right now! Book yours today!

Cheers to Your Vabulous Life,


Coach Elizabeth


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