About Elizabeth



I am a lover of food, music, travel, nutrition, and the arts! I grew up in a small town but soon found that I’m really a city girl who loves getting cultured & learning new things daily! My amazing husband has been in the Health & Wellness Industry for quite some time too and he’s the most amazing lyric tenor you’d ever hear! 😉 We love to travel & cook together – along with taking our precious little dogs Skipper & Bluebell on walks. We’re both Opera Singers who have learned through personal experience the importance of Healthy Living and love to share with others who are looking for a more vital & abundant life! ​

Learn more about me & my wellness programs @ www.elizabethmcdow.com

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I’m an Ambassador of Health & Happiness! What does that mean, learn more here! I’m available to give scholarships & Mentorship because I LOVE what I do and I have a business model that ROCKS!!! From Health to Wealth – let’s just be Vabulous!


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