8 Reasons Why a Holistic Nutrition Education at IIN Rocks!

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Making a career change and deciding to start my own health & wellness career was a one of the best decisions I’ve made. I couldn’t believe that I was finally going to be able to have more control over my time, health and happiness!  (Must read to the end for SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!)

After many years of being a miserable behind the desk worker making somebody else money I finally took my dusty dreams off the shelf and decided to look into studying Holistic Nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I connected with an awesome alumni who answered so many of my questions and helped me see what I could create in my life as a Health Coach. WOW- was I starting to dream BIG again or what?

I was a self-taught nutrition guru for 10 years. I read every book and blog I could get my hands on but I was stuck in a job I was not inspired to be in! Can you relate? I realized that all my knowledge was really only helping me but I really wanted to help others create vitality, abundance and balance in their life and be a credible source. After my own struggles with migraines, headaches since I was little girl, weight gain, allergies and toxins I knew there had to be a way to learn more and be able to share my knowledge while creating a career I would absolutely love. Thankfully I found IIN!

After my initial call with the rockin’ staff at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I learned that there were opportunities for scholarships and the online classes would leave me time to still work full-time while I finished up school and then could later transition into a full-time wellness career as a Health Coach.

I jumped on board as fast as I could after learning about unbeatable curriculum, teachers and teaching style! We would even have accountability and get the tools we need to begin to create our own successful Health Coaching Practice. Everything you need in one place – at one school – and the possibilities were endless!

So here are a few reasons why to take the next step in becoming an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach:

1. You can Become a Health Come in 1 year – In just one year you will finish your classes and have all the knowledge and tools you need to begin your own Health Coaching practice.

2. Become your Happiest & Healthiest Self – The time is NOW! As you take the next step to getting an education at IIN you will be embarking on a journey towards your happiest and healthiest self! You’ll study over 100 dietary theories and learn from experts in the wellness industry.

3. Become an Ambassador for Health Globally – As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach you stand side by side other ambassadors for health and wellness and we are part of ripple affect that is creating an impact globally.

4.  It will Transform your Life and Relationships – The tools and knowledge you learn at IIN can be implemented right away in your own life.

5. Community of Like Minded People Surrounding – Being surrounded by a community of like-minded people will energize you and keep you focused on your goals.

6. Create lasting friendships – In my time at IIN I was able to established friendships with some amazing men and women that I still keep in contact with today! I have seen their businesses grow into successful businesses and seen their lives continue to be transformed by what they learned at IIN.

7. Holistic Curriculum – Not only are the teachers spectacular but the research and curriculum is cutting-edge. Check out the curriculum and teachers here.

8. Flexible Career – Sample a free class here. You can choose to create a a part-time or full-time health coaching career. It’s all up to you!

My Special Announcement For You:

My Friends who decide to enroll by August 10th will receive the IINsider Access Package along with amazing savings of *up to $1000 off the tuition.

Yes – you got that right!  – A special IINsider Access Package and a scholarship!

*This Insider Access Package includes a wealth of resources and extras to ensure you get maximum value from our curriculum; from never before seen footage, to live, cutting edge information from Joshua himself! Learn more about IIN here.

Give the IIN team a call at 877-733-1520. They will answer any questions and give you details to help you get started on their health and wellness journey. Be sure to tell them Elizabeth McDow sent you! 😉

*** Remember – this is only until August 10th! ***


Coach Elizabeth

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